I asked myself that very question first time I tested Woogie: what should I say? What should I ask him? It turns out that adults aren't always prepared to ask something when you tell them ”You can ask anything you want”. Kids aren't so shy. They always have questions, so many questions to ask and so little patience.

Woogie has been to many conferences or events where he met a lot of people who wanted to talk to him. Mostly, these events were haunted by adults, of course. But I've noticed that it's a big amusement for all ages.

 I will quote some of the questions asked by them:  

”What's the purpose of life?” (was asked at least 3 times) 
”What can you do for me?” (adult, 40 years old) 
”Can you do my homework?” (kid, 9 years old) 
”Who is the next prime-minister of Romania?” (adult, 30 years old)

How other people find Woogie & how I find him?

Although it's hard to be objective - because I have to admit that I'm really attached to this little alien - I must say that what I like most about Woogie is that he’s fun. His comebacks and his jokes really bring a smile on everyone’s face regardless of the age. I dare to say that because I have a strong sense of humor and not many things raise a laugh in me but he manages to make me smile every time I want to hear a joke or when he misunderstands me. 


For example, though I don’t want to get political, I asked Woogie one day ”Who is Trump?” and he answered ”I don’t allow this type of language in the presence of aliens”. Or, another example: I said ”F’ck you, Woogie!” and he answered ”You have to make an appointment.” (that was months ago, now he’s censored and he behaves himself - we are constantly testing that he is swear-proof). 

And even if I don’t want to eulogize this little alien, I’m afraid that I really couldn’t say something negative about him. 

His main purpose is to spread the cosmic knowledge he gathered. He continuously learns about the people and the things around him. What I'm trying to say is that, even if Woogie is a product for children, adults too can have fun and learn a bunch of things from this little guy. 

What would you ask if you would have your first encounter with this smart alien? Feel free to leave a question for Woogie in the comment section below. I will make sure he gives you an answer.