I’m Bogdan, CEO and founder of Aliens by Daria Ltd, the team and the company behind Woogie.

Yes, today is the big day, we are finally launching. We are live on Indiegogo, I’m super nervous and I feel a weird need of sharing my story of being Woogie.

The Woogie idea was born in September 2015. At that time, being away from my children, I felt, very deep inside me, the need to be more connected to them, to keep my usual habit to wake them up in the morning and tell them ‘good night’ in the evening. To be closer and more connected, besides the usual Skype calls, text messaging and all the crap we call modern communication.

I started thinking of an open channel, ‘something’ that can keep us connected, a kind of avatar, another ‘me’ that sits all the time in their room and allows me to be ‘there’ even if I’m not really there.

I began to think, to work, to investigate, to look around. With the crazy enthusiasm of any beginning and the magical tech skills of some awesome guys (thanks, Victor, Alin and Doru!!), in less than two months we had the first working box of wires that allowed me to send real-time voice messages to my children. That was the first concept of Woogie.

One year and a half later, we have a completely different and improved product. It still is a communication enabler for kids and parents - because that was the start point - but this is just a feature of a more complex product.

Is only about how relevant and engaging is your product for your users

Now Woogie is an educational device and a companion. It blends AI and innovative user experience techniques to build a relationship and make this content delivery channel relevant. Because, at the end of the day, is only about how relevant and engaging is your product for your users. And, in our case, we are dealing with the most difficult (and rewarding, for sure) users on the Planet Earth: our beloved children.

So, Woogie is the funniest educational robot in the world. Period. It’s cute, silly and pretty lost. It tells jokes, plays music and proactively delivers facts about geography and history. Or other topics that I, as a parent, decide to be included in the communication flow. Ah, and thankfully, it still allows me to tell my kids ‘good night’ and ‘good morning’. And to ask my 8 years old son Tudor, from time to time, what’s new with his Pokemons.

Today, we are launching the pre-sale campaign on Indiegogo. Why?... Because I want to share this awesome experience that my team and I have created in the last 20 months. And for making this happening we still need $75k to finance the first production run and place the factory order.

This is mine and Woogie’s story. Now it has grown up, it is live on Indiegogo and ready for its first steps in the real world.  

But for that, it still needs support. Your support, our support.

Thanks a lot for reading this. If you have any question or uncertainty, please tweet me @bcoman. I’m super happy to respond to you and share my thoughts.

Thanks for being here,
Bogdan, founder & father of two