It's quite strange in a way and embarrassing in another way... As usual, a mix of feelings, just what life is.

I used to be a blogger 10-12 years ago. I started with a personal blog that grew and got some exposure. As I blogged a lot about ski, I decided together with my fellow blogger friend Alex to start a snow-something-related something. It was in 2006.

The snow community blog evolved into a business and, in 2008, we got an exclusive deal for Romanian market and incorporated a company with a pretty cool name: Snow Patrol.

See, when you are talking about blogging (and when you are blogging) you are forgetting about what the hell you want to say. I started this post to emphasize something else: this is my first blog post on Woogie's blog since I founded this company in 2015. So yes, I didn't care about my business, I didn't blog about my life and experience as a founder, neither about the amazing AI technology that we are building, not even about the life lessons that I really need to share with you... No, I didn't blog about anything, neither my passion since I founded that company with that pretty cool name.

What's this post about? Actually, about nothing special, I'm just introducing myself. And blogging a bit.

I’m Bogdan, CEO at Aliens by Daria, the company that is building Woogie. I founded this company together with Oana back in 2015.

In the last 7 years, I ran a distribution and retail business in the snow-sports industry. Before destroying my passion for ski with a ski business, I was a tech entrepreneur. Yes, there were tech entrepreneurs before 1999... 

I started my first computer-related company in 1994. We built computers in the kitchen. At the beginning, 1-2 per day, then 10, then expanded to the basement, then we hired some people and transforming my parents' house in a kind of OEM computer assembly line.

As my parents kicked me off and we weren't able to scale and keep the books, we broke up very soon. But it was a super-nice period and I do not regret anything. At least we had lots of fun and we spent a lot of money - something that you can't afford now as a tech entrepreneur...

But wait, this post starts to be too much about me. And a professional blogger, like me, is not blogging too much about himself. He is blogging about life and experiences.

To wrap it up very fast - after many other things that I've tried, failed and succeed, after an ISP on the dial-up era, after two beautiful kids, one internet bubble and two other software companies, here I am: I'm building Woogie, a voice-activated educational companion for children. 

And I'm very proud of it. 

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