I am Joe, children books author, storytelling workshops for children trainer, mother and... Woogie's writer. The last one basically, means two things.

The first thing is that I had to imagine and write his story. Who is he? Where does he come from? What does he like? What is his family like? And stuff like that. The same way as any writer does for a character who is about to come alive in a book.

That was the easy part. Who hasn't at least once looked up in the sky sighing hopefully: ”Oh, I know there are a lot of aliens out there, maybe they will contact me first!” So Woogie became an alien coming from a far away planet named Woogmania. He lives in peace with his siblings and his biggest dream is to come on Earth and be the best companion and friend for children.

Sooo, we decided that aliens do exist and moreover they have just landed on Earth. At least the ones named Woogie.

That brings us to the second part of my Woogie's writer life. If you were to meet an alien what would you tell him? What would you ask him? And, the 1000 points question: what would he answer?

This is what I am working on right now. I pour myself a big cup of coffee and imagine what a kid will ask Woogie and what Woogie will answer. Which is a totally different task from everything I have done so far: writing children stories, scripts for animation and stuff like that. Because when you are writing a story, you are in charge with what it is going to happen there. What will characters ask and what they will answer. They cannot play tricks on you... well, they can sometimes, but you are still in control, still the master of puppets.

But for Woogie, I don't know what kids will ask him. Basically, they can anything, right? And they will ask anything, right? How can he be equipped with the right answers to an infinite number of possible unknown questions? This is my daily dilemma.

And this is my job.

“How? How do I do that?” I asked the team members.

“Well, you are a mom, you are a writer, you will figure out”, they answered.

Yes, right, I cannot figure out what to answer you, guys...:)

But you know what? It is so fun trying. Like in real life when kids ask you all kind of stuff and you don't know what to say, sometimes there's nothing you can actually say. But would it be fun to know in advance all their questions?

Definitely, not.

So here I am, drinking coffee floating in space, in the infinite space of possibilities and words.

PS: If you want to help me and bring me back on Earth you can tell me what questions you or your kid are to ask him, and I will think of answers, ok? :)

You can take Woogie home for two weeks, play and talk to him, sign up here if you want.

Thank you in advance! Stardust on your foreheads!