I just got back from a short vacation with my kids, Daria and Tudor, 13 and 7 years old. Our holidays are so fun. We love skiing, walking, biking and acting childish together. But, even so, with all the outdoor activity, my kids still feel the need of spending a lot of time on their tablet or smartphone. I also noticed how "I'm bored" starts to set in so easily.

I remember when I was a child and I was offered a new toy by my parents. I was playing with it over and over again. For days. Never got bored. And then, after a month or two, a new toy was offered to me. You can only imagine why. Because I was bored with the old one, of course.

Today, I am a parent. I'm trying to stay up-to-date with my kids’ interests. I even practice some Pokemon names and powers... 

For my kids, classical toys have been quickly replaced by tablets or smartphones. I feel them because I love technology too, and I am with no doubt aware of its benefits: develop new skills or increase motivation to complete tasks, for example. My concern does not involve the existence of technology in my children’s life, but the amount of time they spent on their screens. Literally, I see my kids glued to their tablets, playing games or watching to how-to master in Roblox or Minecraft videos for hours.


Being a parent and the CEO of Woogie, I challenge myself to find as many ways as possible to nurture my children’s curiosity and their thirst for knowledge. There are some fun activities that imply no screen and maintain children’s attention. Here they are:

Going to museums

Think of it as an after-school activity. It’s the best way to learn while seeing and discovering new or old things that kids may or may not have heard about. It’s a fun time together, a family activity and a learning one.


Yes, I know, I addressed the elephant in the room. But as long as your kids are interested in a topic, a nice book covering that topic or even a comic book may do wonders. Magazines are also good, they have cool graphics that grab their attention and engage them into reading the articles.

Playing cards or board games

From Uno to Dixit, these games improve not only their vocabulary but their social skills too. And also they offer very quality family time. We really love Dixit, it's a great board game and we have a lot of fun together.

Interact with robots or smart toys without screens

There are so many smart toys nowadays that improve children’s capabilities and encourage them to be proactive. Woogie, for example, through voice interactions engages children in smart conversations. it’s as if the kids have a learning buddy in their room.

At the end of the day, what hasn’t changed in the family life from when I was a child to nowadays, as a parent, is dinner time: eating together with my kids. No screens around us, just chatting about nothing and everything. For me, it’s the best time of all.

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