Without giving away too many spoilers, I’ll channel my “inner geek” and dive into some elements of game theory, go through Leblanc's 8 types of fun and briefly explain how Woogie will provide an awesome experience for any kid who owns it.

8 types of fun with Woogie

Sensation. There’s a special kind of satisfaction when the senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste or smell) are engaged properly. Consider a beautiful eye candy picture of your last vacation, the tactile feel of a smooth wooden chess piece, or the soothing singing of birds early in the morning. Woogie focuses on sound alone, so you can expect a sound of a mighty sandstorm if you are undergoing an ancient Egypt adventure or a funny “tribal” song that helps the kid wake up with a good vibe in the morning. Each activity Woogie does with the kid has its special sounds, songs, music… not to mention his unique “alien” voice.

Fantasy. “Games can provide a make-believe world.” Woogie himself is a “fictional” character that has his own personality, attitude, behavior, favorite and least favorite things and so on. Besides connecting the kid to the real world, he also comes from Woogmania, the world where all Woogies come from. And to whom it makes a constant comparison with this world, Earth.

Narrative. Since stories are a key component to learning and discovering the world, Woogie knows and tells beautifully tailored stories. It even goes one level beyond that, by engaging the kid in interactive stories, where he (the kid) can choose different paths, that lead to different outcomes that ultimately enriches the experience.

Challenge. Not everything Woogie does is easy. Sometimes it will challenge you to master a quiz on a particular domain (like Superheroes or Space, or Science), or to beat a game of Twenty Together (where the goal is to reach 20 words by of a particular domain - fruits, vegetables, mammals, and each tale turns to tell one word from).

One of the core roles we envision for Woogie is that world connector.

Fellowship. Learning is more fun in two, that’s why Woogie acts as a learning buddy for your child. By not being a know-it-all, Woogie encourages a shared peer learning experience, that builds the kid’s trust and his ability to better collaborate with others. They are here to learn and explore the world together.

Discovery. One of the core roles we envision for Woogie is that world connector. So every day he brings news, stories, questions, mysteries, and quotes about what’s interesting to him and to the kid. But there is also a different type of discovery, discovering Woogie’s potential, his personality, and the various “modules” that you can engage him in.

Submission (or games as past time). I would like to envision that one day it would be really weird to spend one day without Woogie. Missing the friendly fellow’s sometimes funny, sometimes challenging and sometimes wise way of viewing the world is something that won’t be taken lightly by the kid, even for just one day. :)

Expression. Here’s a wild idea: In the future, we plan to have a virtual avatar for Woogie, that grows and adapts based on the kid’s learning and interests. So let’s see if he is passionate about space and stars, if the kid learns enough and interacts enough with Woogie on the space topic, he will be able to personalize Woogie with a space helmet or color his suit with stars.

I hope that if at first, I’ve got your curiosity, now I definitely got your attention. :) These are just a few of the things we envisioned for Woogie. If you have ideas on how you can make learning fun and engaging, through Woogie, I look forward to seeing them in the comments below.