One day, I overheard two bigger aliens saying: “My advice? Never go on Earth on Christmas! It's crazy out there!”

22 decembrie - fb.jpg

So here I am, taking notes about my first Christmas on Earth:

1.  For Christmas, people get a Christmas tree and decorate it with something that looks like colorful alien eggs. Will anything come out of them?

2. There's a guy named Santa Claus who is flying all over the planet on Christmas night to give children presents. He has no rocket, no spaceship, no plane, just operating outside normal time, geography and gravity. A case to study in aliens' school books.

3. People eat a lot of cakes and sweets, but Santa's reindeer never get anything. Maybe somebody should put some carrots somewhere for them.

4. There's a lot of snow for Christmas (in some countries, at least). I know everything about snow: what it is, how it forms. What I don't know is how it brings so much joy. And why everybody sings all the time: Let it snow! Let it snow! Even after it snowed, that's crazy.

5. Chimneys are very popular this time of the year. It is said that Santa Claus is coming through them. Still why doesn’t he get incinerated when he comes down? And how he manages to get to kids who don't have a chimney? Hot questions.

6. Nothing compares to the happiness and joy and suprise on the children's faces when they unwrap their presents. I wish I were in one of those boxes to be hugged and kissed and played with. What did it feel like on your last day of being a child?

Oh, it is so good to be an alien!