After one year and a half from his birth, tested for 8 months now in real conditions, moved to London to discover the international environment and to accelerate his development, Woogie got to a point where he’s ready to hit the market.

He’s ready to be pre-ordered and show the world that he’s a WANTED alien on Earth!  

Now look how happy he is, doing his little alien dance in his brand new costume! In the upgraded design version he has a bigger screen and proud lights to show his emotions!

Now look how happy he is, doing his little alien dance in his brand new costume! In the upgraded design version he has a bigger screen and proud lights to show his emotions!

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is one of the world’s leading crowdfunding platforms and has a great track record of bringing innovative new products to market since their launch in 2008. They have a great story and you can read it here.

Partnering with Indiegogo allows us to kickstart our production & get Woogie to children quicker than traditional methods. As an international platform, Indiegogo can also get us exposure to customers across the US, the UK, and Europe, which is important to us.

Ok, ok, but what is crowdfunding?

A phenomenon in recent years, crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of individuals who share an interest in the project.

For you...

  • An opportunity to support the ideas you believe in, come to life.

  • A one time chance to get a product in a special edition, at a discounted price.

For us…

  • The key moment where we can interact with our customers, get early feedback and bring on the market a more relevant product.

  • An important assembly of forces to validate that we can reach our customers and that they want Woogie to be on the market.

How does crowdfunding work?

Anyone can contribute to a reward based crowdfunding campaign. Is not equity crowdfunding, neither donations. You get something real, tangible, but not instantly.

Money raised through rewards-based crowdfunding doesn't have to be paid back, but in return for the financial support, businesses provide rewards, which in Woogie’s case is… WOOGIE himself.

Starting with $9 (or more) to $99 (the average discounted price when pre-ordering Woogie) the rewards will be both commercial and social (giving a Woogie to a child in need).

No matter which one you choose, you choose to support Woogie. And we thank you!

Each project has a purpose of raising money and a goal.

Woogie’s goal on Indiegogo is $75 000. We need to reach this goal in 45 days, but the first 2 days are critical. The money we will raise will be used for the manufacturing process of the first batch of production.

If the goal is fixed, like in Woogie’s case, it means all or nothing. And this works like this: if during the campaign, the project doesn’t raise the entire amount of money, the backers will receive their money back. But if the goal is reached, we will start production!!

And this only happens with your support - being there in the first 24 hours and back Woogie: either buying one for your family or send one to a kid in need. If you believe in us, be there on May 16th!

So if I pre-order, and the project is funded will I get a Woogie? When?

February 2018. We have no doubt that there will be surprises still to come in the production phase, but since we’ve got certified by Arrow, we trust things we’ll go as we planned, both on the costs and on the timing.

Arrow is a global $23B technology company with thousands of engineers, offering savings, exclusive design tools, marketing support and warehousing and distribution expertise to help entrepreneurs successfully design and produce their product.

So Arrow has reviewed our campaign's electronic and software design and verified that it is feasible for manufacturing. That’s why you’ll see on the campaign page a small badge, approving that if we get to reach our goal, we will bring Woogie on the market at the right time and the right price.

So, why not be there? :) 

Be part of the impact that we aim to have in the educational sector.

Why does Woogie exist? might be the most frequent question that we get. Here is why we do this:

Kids are curious by definition but, with the digital environment flourishing everywhere around us, they get distracted by all the things that bring instant gratification. In the touchscreen world, the reward is at one tap distance and the attention span is dropping to seconds.

The good news is that curiosity is still there, but it tends to go the "easy way" which can become very fast "the wrong way”, causing addiction and ultimately disconnecting children from their families and from each other.

Rather than exclude technology from children's lives, we think that education should use it in a personalized way that makes sense for each child. That’s why we designed Woogie to transform children’s curiosity into active learning.

So be one of the first to experience an amazingly innovative product.

Being an early adopter is a great feeling because you get to contribute a lot to the development of the future generation of the product. Not to mention that this is a great exercise for kids as well, to realize how products are built and improved over the time.

That's it. See you on May 16th, live on Indiegogo! Aye!

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